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Sewaks Touch App FAQ:

1. How long before can i expect a reply?

On average, you can expect a reply from the administrators within 1 to 3 working days.

2. I notice my friend in need of help, can I report on his/her behalf?

Yes you can, but please make sure that individual is informed of your decision to help him/her. Please provide YOUR details in the app and the individuals' in the description.

3. Is this app used for emergencies?

NO. This app is not for emergencies and you should not expect immediate help from this app.

4. Who will be informed of the details submitted?

Sikh Sewaks SIngapore is the point of contact for this app. If Sikh Sewaks deems that another Sikh Institution is better fit to help you, such as SIWEC, SEF or YSA etc, that organisation will be forwarded the details. You can expect contact from that organisation to further follow up with you.

5. Where can i submit feedback or enquiries?

You can email us at

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